SOTFOM, Symposium I; KGRC 7-8 July 2014. CFR and Programme.

The organisers are delighted to announce a provisional programme and information for participants for the upcoming Symposium in the Foundations of Mathematics, to be held at the Kurt Gödel Research Center at the University of Vienna on 7-8 July. Participation is free, but spaces are limited. Those wishing to register for the conference should send an e-mail with their name and affiliation to sotfom [at] gmail [dot] com.


Session 1 – Chair: Carolin Antos
1000-1005 Introductory Remarks
1005-1135 Sy-David Friedman: `The Hyperuniverse Programme.’
1135-1145 Coffee Break
1145-1300 Jose Ferreirós: `Issues of evidence in set theory: some comparative remarks.’
1300-1500 Lunch
Session 2 – Chair: John Wigglesworth
1500-1615 Zeynep Soysal: `What is the Universe of Sets?’
1615-1730 Toby Meadows: `The Generic Multiverse Debate.’
1730-1745 Coffee Break
1745-1900 Brice Halimi: `Models as Universes.’

Session 1- Chair: Claudio Ternullo
1000-1130 Hannes Leitgeb: `On Mathematical Structuralism.’
1130-1145 Coffee Break
1145-1300 Chris Scambler: `Absoluteness and Indeterminacy: On the Philosophical Significance of Semi-Constructive Set Theory.’
1300-1500 Lunch
Session 2 – Chair: Neil Barton
1500-1615 Hans-Christoph Kotzsch: `Homotopy Type Theory and Foundations of Mathematics.’
1615-1730 Walter Dean: `On reflection, Proof- and Set-Theoretic.’
1730-1745 Coffee Break
1745-1900 Johannes Korbmacher and Georg Schiemer: `On Structural Properties.’


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